“Nothing To Do With Me” is available now!

January 10, 2022

23 years in the making, singer & songwriter Bennett Coleman’s first solo single is available now on all streaming platforms.

“This song was written for anyone who’s gone through a break up and has become a better person for it,” explains Coleman. “One where you were easily fooled by their sly words and good looks, but ultimately found out that person was lying to you all along. The upbeat energy of the song contrasts sharply with the otherwise sad nature of the experience.”

Bennett wrote all of the lyrics and instrumental parts himself and played all instruments and vocals in the Anchor & Pines Studio during the recording process allowing for a direct connection between his vision for the song and the final product.

This is his first solo single and he would be thrilled if you would follow him on social media and streaming platforms, all links are on the website – www.bennettwcoleman.com. Looking forward to having you as part of his crazy journey!


I’m a Singer, Songwriter, & Guitar Player cranking out Gritty Americana Vibes. I’ve played in bands opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Carrie Underwood, and Lee Brice and I have a crazy huge passion for music and love taking the stage any chance I get. My style is best described as John Mayer meets John Mellencamp, I like to pair my soulful voice with a unique Gritty Americana sound, and my songs are about relatable every day life. Check out my schedule to come see me live and be on the lookout for my new music coming soon!

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